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The New School/Old School Issue $20.



In each issue of The Cleaver, we bring together enough voices to fill a banquet table. There’s so much to talk about, and all of it is fair game: from earthy staples to impossibly refined delicacies, from recipes that are older than the Great Wall to the sweet-and-sour concoctions that have served as so many people’s first exposure to Chinese culture.

And we serve it up in the form of long-simmered essays, pungent features, organically sourced reporting, crisp vignettes, and saucy interviews with people who produce, prepare and pine for Chinese food. UK Import $16.



FOOL No. 5

Food Insanity Brilliance and Love • $18

Fool magazine explores the theme of religion in their fifth issue, taking us on a pilgrimage to Austria, Canada, France, Japan, Singapore and the USA. As per Fool tradition, the photography and art direction are par excellence, and the writing is not to be sniffed at either. Lotta and Per-Anders Jorgensen take a lot of pride in serving up the topic of food in each and every issue of Fool, and this is no different. From the depths of Darwin to Singapore (by way of Taiwan)’s very own Andre Chiang, with contributions by Fuchsia Dunlop and Jean Jullien, reading this issue is a religious experience in and of itself.



Finesse Magazine.

In the Senses issue, we hear directly from chefs, food writers and home cooks who have put all of their senses to use, from Los Angeles Times Food Editor Russ Parsons, who walks us through how all the senses can help determine when a chicken is perfectly roasted, to Michael Ruhlman, who provides tactile tips for raising awareness in the home kitchen. Chef Daniel Patterson offers music to end a hard night, and Chef Jacques Pepin contributes a painting of his. We are immersed in sense memories through an interview with "Everybody Loves Raymond" producer Phil Rosenthal and the recipes of The French Laundry's chef de cuisine, David Breeden. $12.95.

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So Good is a Spanish biannual publication in English aimed at professionals of sweet and savoury pastry, the chocolate and ice cream industry, as well as the world of dessert in general. $35.

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GFF Magazine #2.

A quarterly magazine for food lovers, GFF celebrates uncompromisingly Good Food (Forever), drinks, and destinations, and the joy of creating and sharing them with others. And, oh yes: it’s Gluten-Free (Forever), too, although you’ll never taste the difference. $15.

Panes con Oficio/True Bread: A Professional Guide to Breads and Enriched Doughs by Joaquin Llarias.

Enriched doughs, such as those of croissant, ensaïmada or brioche, complete the wide range of recipes, altogether making up more than 40 different creations (25 bread and 15 enriched dough recipes). The book also contains a didactic section devoted to the preparation of bread without professional equipment. Finally, the book is complemented by a group of videos which will help understand in detail the forming, scoring and marking techniques which characterize each dough contained in it. In Spanish & English. $45.

Cairo Kitchen: Recipes from the Middle East, Inspired by the Street Food of Cairo by Suzanne Zeidy.

Suzanne Zeidy grew up in a household that loved to cook. Every Friday her Aunt Alba would round up the extended family for a huge Egyptian style supper, where they would gossip, laugh and feast on traditional home-style cooking. In Cairo Kitchen, Suzanne shares the classics that ignited her love of food, as well as her more modern recipes, which are inspired by Middle Eastern flavours. UK Import. $65.

Eat Istanbul: A Journey to the Heart of Turkish Cuisine by Andy Harris & David Loftus.

In this breathtaking new book, intrepid food and travel writer Andy Harris and photographer David Loftus reveal the wonderful tastes and exotic allure of Istanbul, one of the world's most fascinating cities. Part cookbook, part travelogue, they meet the characters behind the intriguing food of the city - artisan bakers, traditional chefs, fishermen and street food vendors, to name a few. UK Import. $60.

Turkish Meze: Simple, Delicious Recipes for Sharing by Sevtapm Yuce.

Organised into sections covering dips, small dishes, dolmas, salads, vegetables, seafood, meats and sweets, Turkish Meze is a straightforward, delicious introduction to the dishes and culinary traditions central to this vibrant culture. UK Import. $49.95

My Greek Island Home by Claire Lloyd.

The book describes Claire's days in a small village in Greece, where the seasons govern a way of life that has barely changed over thousands of years. Accompanied by Claire's stunning photographs filled with colour and light, this inspirational story of reconnecting with nature and community, and finding beauty in the smallest details, will make you see the world afresh. UK Import. $65.

Made in India by Meera Sodha.

"This book is full of real charm, personality, love and garlic. The best Indian food is cooked (and eaten) at home". - Yotam Ottolenghi. Real Indian food is fresh, simple and packed with flavour and in this book, Meera Sodha introduces Britain to the food she grew up eating here every day. Unlike the stuff you get at your local curry house, her food is fresh, vibrant and surprisingly quick and easy to make. UK Import. $60.

Note-by-Note Cooking: The Future of Food by Herve This.

Note-by-Note Cooking is a landmark in the annals of gastronomy, liberating cooks from the constraints of traditional ingredients and methods through the use of pure molecular compounds. 1-Octen-3-ol, which has a scent of wild mushrooms; sotolon, whose fragrance at high concentrations resembles curry and at low concentrations, maple syrup or sugar; tyrosine, an odorless but flavorful amino acid present in cheese -- these and many other substances, some occurring in nature, some synthesized in the laboratory, make it possible to create novel tastes and flavors in the same way that elementary sound waves can be combined to create new sounds. $24.95.

The Vegetarian Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity with Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Legumes, Nuts, Seeds, and More, Based on the Wisdom of Leading American Chefs by Karen Page.

Emphasizing plant-based whole foods including vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, the book provides an A-to-Z listing of hundreds of ingredients, from açaí to zucchini blossoms, cross-referenced with the herbs, spices, and other seasonings that best enhance their flavor, resulting in thousands of recommended pairings. $40.

Native Wine Grapes of Italy by Ian D'Agata

Ian D’Agata spent thirteen years interviewing producers, walking vineyards, studying available research, and tasting wines to create this authoritative guide to Italy’s native grapes and their wines. Writing with great enthusiasm and deep knowledge, D’Agata discusses more than five hundred different native Italian grape varieties, from Aglianico to Zibibbo. $50.

Wine Atlas of Germany by Dieter Braatz.

Featuring sixty-seven exceptional color maps as well as eighty-seven vivid images by photographer Hendrik Holler and others, this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date atlas of German wine—a detailed reference to vineyards and appellations. The authors explain the geography of all the German wine-growing regions and provide independent analysis and ranking of the most significant vineyards in each region. $60.

Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail by Dave Arnold.

A revolutionary approach to making better-looking, better-tasting drinks. In Dave Arnold’s world, the shape of an ice cube, the sugars and acids in an apple, and the bubbles in a bottle of champagne are all ingredients to be measured, tested, and tweaked. With Liquid Intelligence, the creative force at work in Booker & Dax, New York City’s high-tech bar, brings readers behind the counter and into the lab. $35.

Shrubs: An Old Fashioned Drink for Modern Times by Michael Dietsch.

Sometimes drinks make comebacks, but few have waited for rediscovery as long as shrubs. These tangy fruit, sugar, and vinegar cocktails and sodas were first popular in 17th century England and colonial America, but seemed to disappear from the scene somewhere early in the industrial age. Now revived, this sweet-tart concentrate proves to be both thirst-quenching and delicious. $24.95.

Cocina Tropical: The Classic & Contemporary Flavors of Puerto Rico by Jose Santaella.

Jose Santaella presents foods that only a local would know: the tradition of lechón—spit-roasted suckling pig—in the mountains near the rainforest, or dumplings of mashed plantains with land crab hand-rolled in ramshackle shacks along the shore. Among the book’s more than one hundred recipes are classics like Salt Cod Fritters with Piqué and Fried Whole Snapper with Pineapple and Cilantro Salsa, as well as contemporary creations, such as Avocado and Papaya Salad and Curried Goat with Lime and Orange Rice. $35.

Henry Dimbleby & Jane Baxter. Leon: Fast Vegetarian.


Leon: Fast Vegetarian enables you to make the most of the fresh vegetables available in markets, allotments, veg boxes and supermarkets. The philosophy at the heart of this book is about cooking and eating delicious, healthy fast food made from sustainable ingredients. UK Import $60.

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Maria Elia. Smashing Plates: Greek Flavours Redefined.


From delicious vegetarian dishes such as Carrot Keftedes and Tomato and Runner Bean Baklava to Marinated Lamb with Feta Curd or Courgette-coated Calamari, and a tempting range of sweet dishes including Watermelon Mahalepi and Greek Yogurt and Apple Cake, Maria's inventive recipes will open your eyes to a whole new world of Greek cooking. UK Import $40

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Rob & Sophia Palmer. Colour of Maroc.


Colour of Maroc is a collection of stories inspired by people, food, and travel experiences seen through the eyes of Australian photographer Rob and his French/Moroccan wife Sophia. For Rob, Colour of Maroc is a sketch of colour and light that captures a cultural awakening in a rich and contrasting land. The authors travel through overflowing cities and remote dusty villages, exploring this country of vitality and contrasts. Through their eyes Morocco dazzles with life, brimming with colours, tastes and feelings. Colour of Maroc uses flavour to describe culture. Australian Import. $60.

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Steven Lamb. Curing & Smoking: River Cottage Handbook No.13.


Curing & Smoking begins with a detailed breakdown of any kit you might need (from sharp knives to sausage stuffers, for the gadget-loving cook) and an explanation of the preservation process - this includes a section showing which products and cuts are most suitable for different methods of curing and smoking. The second part of the book is organized by preservation method, with an introduction to each one, and comprehensive guidance on how to do it. And for each method, there are, of course, many delicious recipes. UK Import $34.95.

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John Wright. Booze: River Cottage Handbook No.12.


You don't need masses of space to make alcohol at home, and if you follow the simple instructions, you won't be faced with exploding bottles in the cellar. But don't forget, it's all about experimentation and finding out what works for you. Booze is divided up by alcohol type, from beer, cider and wine to herbal spirits and fruit liqueurs. Each section starts with an introduction to the basic techniques, methods and other useful information, before giving recipes for delicious tipples like rhubarb wine, sparkling elderflower wine, mead, cherry plum wine, orange beer, lager, real ginger beer, sweet cider, zubrovka vodka, amber spirits, rose infusions, blackberry whiskey, pomegranate rum, chestnut liqueur, mulled cider and there's even a hangover cure thrown in for good measure. $34.95.

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David Wilson. Huxtabook: Recipes from Sea, Land, and Earth.


Huxtabook is a beautifully crafted book from chef Daniel Wilson of top Melbourne restaurant, Huxtable. With striking and unique photography, the book's recipes are divided in the same way as the menu - Bites / Sea / Land / Earth / Sweets and include delightful flavour combinations and recipes for every occasion. Quail Terrine with Golden Relish; Fennel Cured Salmon with Lemon Creme Fraiche; Jalapeno and Cheddar Croquette; Dashi-Poached Eggs With Lightly Smoked Confit Salmon and Sesame Spinach; Snapper with Sichuan Eggplant and Pickled Cucumber; Rare Sesame Beef Salad With Lemongrass, Lime, Peanuts and Rice Paddy Herb; Salad Of Shaved Fennel, Pomegranate, Goat's Cheese and Blood Orange and for dessert; White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Salted Caramel Ganache and Raspberries. Australian Import $60.

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David Haskell & Colin Spoelman. The Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining: How to Make and Drink Whiskey.


A new generation of urban bootleggers is distilling whiskey at home, and cocktail enthusiasts have embraced the nuances of brown liquors. Written by the founders of Kings County Distillery, New York City’s first distillery since Prohibition, this spirited illustrated book explores America’s age-old love affair with whiskey. It begins with chapters on whiskey’s history and culture from 1640 to today. $24.95.

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Vikas Khanna • Return to the Rivers


In Return to the Rivers, Michelin-starred Indian chef and MasterChef India host Vikas Khanna shares an incredible collection of recipes, photos, and memories as a means to preserve and share the sacred foodways and values of the Himalayan peoples. Journeying through the regions the great Himalayas directly touch upon – Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, Northern India, Myanmar, Western China, Pakistan – Khanna was met with immeasurable kindness and hospitality. The dishes are beautifully simple and appealing, such as Eggplant Fritters with Ginger, Spinach and Cheese Momos, Chile-Scallion Buckwheat Noodles, Nepalese Black Lentils and Rice, Burmese Fish Noodle Soup, Pressed Rice with Yogurt and Almonds, and Tibetan Scallion Pancakes. With a forward by the Dalai Lama (!)


Fred Minnick. Whiskey Women: The Untold Story of How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish Whiskey.


Whiskey Women tells the tales of women who have created this industry, from Mesopotamia’s first beer brewers and distillers to America’s rough-and-tough bootleggers during Prohibition. Women have long distilled, marketed, and owned significant shares in spirits companies. $26.95.

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Heston Blumenthal • Historic Heston.


Historic Heston charts a quest for identity through the best of British cooking that stretches from medieval to late-Victorian recipes. Start with thirty historic dishes, take them apart, put them together again, and what have you got? A sublime twenty-first-century take on delicacies including meat fruit (1500), quaking pudding (1660), and mock-turtle soup (1892). Heston examines the history behind each one’s invention and the science that makes it work. $200.

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Rick & Michael Mast. Mast Brothers Chocolate: A Family Cookbook.


The Mast Brothers are pioneers of the bean-to-bar craft chocolate movement. Sourcing cocoa with unique flavor profiles from around the equator, they roast the beans in small batches to create truly handmade chocolate, one of the very few chocolate makers to do so. $40.

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Chad Robertson. Tartine Book No. 3.


The third in a series of classic, collectible cookbooks from Tartine Bakery & Cafe, one of the great bakeries, Tartine Book No. 3 is a revolutionary, and altogether timely, exploration of baking with whole grains. The narrative of Chad Robertson's search for ancient flavors in heirloom grains is interwoven with 85 recipes for whole-grain versions of Tartine favorites. $40.

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Jerry Thomas. How to Mix Drinks: Or, The Bon Vivant's Companion.


Published in New York in 1862, this volume in the American Antiquarian Cookbook Collection was the first cocktail book published in the United States, and it was written by a “celebrity bartender” famous throughout the country. This seminal work is probably the most famous bartender’s guide and cocktail book of all time—nostalgic and delicious homage to a drinking era that is gone but not forgotten. $27.

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Ottolenghi, Yotam & Sammi Tamimi. Ottolenghi: The Cookbook.


Yotam Ottolenghi’s four eponymous restaurants—each a patisserie, deli, restaurant, and bakery rolled into one—are among London’s most popular culinary destinations. Now available for the first time in an American edition and updated with US measurements throughout, this debut cookbook from the celebrated, bestselling authors of Jerusalem and Plenty features 140 recipes culled from the popular Ottolenghi restaurants and inspired by the diverse culinary traditions of the Mediterranean. $35.

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Ivan Orkin. Ivan Ramen: Love, Obsession, and Recipes from Tokyo's Most Unlikely Noodle Joint.


In 2007, Orkin, a middle-aged Jewish guy from Long Island, did something crazy. In the food-zealous, insular megalopolis of Tokyo, Ivan opened a ramen shop. He was a gaijin (foreigner), trying to make his name in a place that is fiercely opinionated about ramen. At first, customers came because they were curious, but word spread quickly about Ivan’s handmade noodles, clean and complex broth, and thoughtfully prepared toppings. $29.99.

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Tadashi Ono. Japanese Soul Cooking: Ramen, Tonkatsu, Tempura, and More from the Streets and Kitchens of Tokyo and Beyond.


A collection of more than 100 recipes that introduces Japanese comfort food to American home cooks, exploring new ingredients, techniques, and the surprising origins of popular dishes like gyoza and tempura. $27.50.

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Ole G. Mouritsen. Seaweeds: Edible, Available, and Sustainable.


Mouritsen takes readers on a comprehensive tour of seaweed, describing what seaweeds actually are (algae, not plants) and how people of different cultures have utilized them since prehistoric times for a whole array of purposes—as food and fodder, for the production of salt, in medicine and cosmetics, as fertilizer, in construction, and for a number of industrial end uses, to name just a few. $35.

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World-Class Swedish Cooking: Artisanal Recipes from One of Stockholm's Most Celebrated Restaurants by Bjorn Frantzen, Daniel Lindeberg.


Chefs Björn Frantzén and Daniel Lindeberg dish the kitchen secrets that have made their restaurant (Frantzén/Lindeberg) renowned as the Best Swedish Restaurant of 2012, earning two Michelin stars and delighted reviews from Swedes and tourists alike. $27.95.

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Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian by Sat Bains.


A long-awaited book revealing the first real insight into the food and philosophies of two Michelin-starred chef Sat Bains. With a foreword by Heston Blumenthal and featuring contributions from 36 of the world's greatest chefs. The book follows the celebrated tasting menu format of Restaurant Sat Bains, and contains 68 of Sat's incredible recipes that will inspire a generation of chefs and foodies alike. UK Import. $195.

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Astrance: A Cook's Book by Pascal Barbot & Christophe Rohat.


In this beautiful cookbook Pascal Barbot, one of the most reputed and internationally-acclaimed French chefs, reveals his concept of cooking in the restaurant he created with Christophe Rohat in 2000. Recipes from L'Astrance, a three-star Michelin restaurant with only 25 seats, located near Trocadéro in Paris Pascal Barbot is one of the most highly-acclaimed chefs in the world. His discretion only serves to heighten interest in his work. This long-awaited book is the first time he shares his vision of food and his recipes. $95.

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The Complete Nose to Tail: A Kind of British Cooking by Fergus Henderson.


′It would be disingenuous to the animal not to make the most of the whole beast; there is a set of delights, textural and flavoursome, which lie beyond the fillet.′ Thus Fergus Henderson set out his stall when in 1994 he opened St. John, now one of the world's most admired restaurants. With a combination of sophistication and peasant thriftiness, his two Nose to Tail books have gained cult status in the world of cookbooks. Now they have been joined together inThe Complete Nose to Tail, a compendious volume with additional recipes and more photography from the brilliant Jason Lowe. $49.99.

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Greater Mekong by Luke Nguyen.


Join Australian restaurateur Luke Nguyen as he journeys down one of Asia's most famous rivers, the Mekong. Luke immerses himself in the cultures and communities of the countries he visits, learning stories and histories from each region as well as sampling and recreating local cuisines. Luke's travels start in China where he explores the centuries-old traditions of the Yunnan Province. His journey takes him to Myanmar where he uncovers some of the country's unique flavours, and then on to Northern Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and finally Vietnam, Luke's homeland and the location of this mighty river's floodplains. UK Import. $55.

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The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart.


Of all the extraordinary and obscure plants that have been fermented and distilled, a few are dangerous, some are downright bizarre, and one is as ancient as dinosaurs—but each represents a unique cultural contribution to our global drinking traditions and our history. This fascinating concoction of biology, chemistry, history, etymology, and mixology—with more than fifty drink recipes and growing tips for gardeners—will make you the most popular guest at any cocktail party. $19.95.

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Kitchen Memories by Lucy Boyd.


Following a serendipitous apprenticeship into cookery as the daughter of Rose Gray, founder of the River Café, Lucy went from planning and cooking dishes alongside Rose for both the family and customers, to lovingly creating the much-lauded kitchen garden at Petersham, providing vegetables and salads for the cafe and for Petersham’s owners Francesco and Gael Boglione. Her myriad cooking and gardening experiences has guided Lucy throughout her 8-year partnership with award-winning chef Skye Gyngell as well as nurturing a fascination for Italian vegetables and salads, herbs and edible flowers, a fascination which continues to heavily influence her cooking. UK Import. $40.

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Tanoshii: The Joy of Making Japanese-style Cakes & Desserts by Yamashita Masataka.


Create a little bit of heaven on earth with this delightful collection of recipes for Japanese-inspired French pastries by renowned pastry chef, Yamashita Masataka. With fully illustrated step-by-step instructions and baking tips. Chef Yamashita shows how ordinary baking equipment and simple ingredients can be used to whip up an array of French-style confections that are not only pretty to look at, but also wonderful to eat. Inspired by his stay in Singapore, chef Yamashita has adapted many of his creations to include local flavours and ingredients, making this collection of recipes truly unique. UK Import $40.

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Cook it Raw.


SIGNED by Rene Redzepi. Cook it Raw tells the story of an exciting collection of avant garde chefs who come together to create unique dining experiences that explore and question social, cultural and environmental issues. Held initially in Copenhagen to mark the 2009 climate change summit the first 'Raw' dinner challenged the chefs to examine the issue of sustainability. As the events have developed so too have the issues, themes and general philosophy of the group. Winter and the question of creativity (Collio-Italy), the Wilderness and culinary comradeship (Lapland) and tradition and the artisan (Iskikawa-Japan) have all been explored on the plate by the likes of Rene Redzepi, Albert Adria, Alex Atala, Daniel Patterson, Magnus Nilsson, Inaki Aizparte, Massimo Bottura and Claude Bosi. $49.95.

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American Wine: The Ultimate Companion to Wines and Wineries of the United States by Jancis Robinson.


SIGNED by Jancis Robinson. Over the past three decades, a wine revolution has been taking place across the United States. There are now more than 7,000 American wine producers--up from 440 in 1970--and the best bottles are every bit as good as the finest wines of Europe. American Wine is the first comprehensive and authoritative reference on the wines, wineries, and winemakers of America. Written by world-renowned wine author Jancis Robinson and U.S. wine expert Linda Murphy, this book is the natural companion to the international bestseller, The World Atlas of Wine.$50.

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Notes from the Larder by Nigel Slater.


From Nigel Slater, one of our best-loved food writers, a beautiful and inspiring companion volume to his bestselling Kitchen Diaries. "For years now I have kept notebooks, with scribbled shopping lists and early drafts of recipes in them. These notes form the basis of this second volume of The Kitchen Diaries. More than a diary, this is a collection of small kitchen celebrations, be it a casual, beer-fuelled supper of warm flatbreads with pieces of grilled lamb scattered with toasted pine kernels and blood-red pomegranate seeds or a quiet moment contemplating a bowl of soup and a loaf of bread." $40.

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Gran Cocina Latina: The Food of Latin America by Maricel Presilla.


Gran Cocina Latina unifies the vast culinary landscape of the Latin world, from Mexico to Argentina and all the Spanish-speaking countries of the Caribbean. In one volume it gives home cooks, armchair travelers, and curious chefs the first comprehensive collection of recipes from this region. An inquisitive historian and a successful restaurateur, Maricel E. Presilla has spent more than thirty years visiting each country personally. She’s gathered more than 500 recipes for the full range of dishes, from the foundational adobos and sofritos to empanadas and tamales to ceviches and moles to sancocho and desserts such as flan and tres leches cake. $45.

Meringue by Linda Jackson and Jennifer Gardner.


Meringue can be spooned onto pies or piped into any number of beautiful shapes. It can be baked or poached, whipped into silky frostings, or folded into cakes to make them fluffier. It can be combined with ground nuts, chocolate, or any number of flavorings. It can be formed into various vessels for Chantilly cream and fresh berries. And that's just the beginning. Meringue will encourage and inspire you to create heavenly treats of your very own. $24.99

Bouchon Bakery by Thomas Keller.


The tastes of childhood have always been a touchstone for Thomas Keller, and in this dazzling amalgam of American and French baked goods, you'll find recipes for the beloved TKOs and Oh Ohs (Keller's takes on Oreos and Hostess's Ho Hos) and all the French classics he fell in love with as a young chef apprenticing in Paris: the baguettes, the macarons, the mille-feuilles, the tartes aux fruits. $50.

You're All Invited: Margot's Recipes for Entertaining.


In You're All Invited, Margot Henderson (wife of Fergus), who cooks for between 30 to 200 people every day, shows you how: using her panache as a caterer for Arnold & Henderson and restaurateur at London's Rochelle Canteen, and drawing on her family life with Fergus Henderson and their three children, she provides 165 easy and delicious recipes for all occasions. UK Import $55.


Japanese Farm Food by Nancy Singleton Hachisu.


Japanese Farm Food offers a unique window into life on a Japanese farm through the simple, clear-flavored recipes cooked from family crops and other local, organic products. The multitude of vibrant images by Kenji Miura of green fields, a traditional farmhouse, antique baskets, and ceramic bowls filled with beautiful, simple dishes are interwoven with Japanese indigo fabrics to convey an intimate, authentic portrait of life and food on a Japanese farm.$35.

Burma: Rivers of Flavor by Naomi Duguid.


Naomi Duguid’s heralded cookbooks have always transcended the category to become “something larger and more important” (Los Angeles Times). Each in its own way is “a breakthrough book . . . a major contribution” (The New York Times). And as Burma opens up after a half century of seclusion, who better than Duguid—the esteemed author of Hot Sour Salty Sweet—to introduce the country and its food and flavors to the West. $35.

Salumi: The Craft of Italian Dry Curing by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn.


Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn inspired a revival of artisanal sausage making and bacon curing with their surprise hit, Charcuterie. Now they delve deep into the Italian side of the craft with Salumi, a book that explores and simplifies the recipes and techniques of dry curing meats.Ruhlman and Polcyn give recipes for the eight basic products in Italy’s pork salumi repertoire: guanciale, coppa, spalla, lardo, lonza, pancetta, prosciutto, and salami, and they even show us how to butcher a hog in the Italian and American ways.$39.95

Prashad Cookbook: Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Kaushy Patel.


The Patels and Prashad, their small Indian restaurant in Bradford, were the surprise stars of Ramsay's Best Restaurant TV show in England. Everyone who saw them fell in love with this inspirational family dedicated to serving delicious, original vegetarian food. At the heart of the family is Kaushy, who learned to cook as a child growing up on her grandmother's farm in northern India. On moving to northern England in the 1960s, she brought her passion for fabulous flavours with her and has been perfecting and creating dishes ever since. Never happier than when feeding people, Kaushy took her son Bobby at his word when he suggested that she should share her cooking with the world - a launderette was converted first in to a deli and then a restaurant, and Prashad was born. UK Import $50.

The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Koo.


Rachel Khoo was determined to get to grips with French cooking, so to learn more she moved to Paris, not speaking a word of French, and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu, the world-famous cookery school. Six years later, she still lives and works in Paris, cooking up a selection of classic French dishes from all over the country and giving them a fresh makeover with her own modern twists. From a Croque Madame muffin and the classic Boeuf bourguignon, to a deliciously fragrant Provencal lavender and lemon roast chicken, Rachel celebrates the culinary landscape of France as it is today and shows how simple these dishes are. $35.

The Omnivore's Recipe Keeper: A Treasury for Favorite Meals and Kitchen Resources • by Celia Sack, designed by Susan Fleming

A recipe organizer for home cooks from San Francisco’s beloved Omnivore Books on Food, featuring ample storage and writing space, handy charts, charming vintage art, and culinary references. $19.99.

Quick-Fix Indian: Easy, Exotic Dishes in 30 Minutes or Less by Ruta Kahate.


"Having cooked from this book already, I can say that I had one of the most delicious meals of my life after using it. I made the shredded carrot and coconut salad, followed by the shrimp pilaf. Ethereal! The flavors brought out by a unique combination of Indian spices made me smack my lips with delight. Just when I thought she couldn't top her 5 Spices, 50 Dishes, Ruta has hit another home run; I yearn for more." - Celia Sack, Omnivore Books $16.99

Whisky Classified: Choosing Single Malts by Flavour by David Wishart.


Rigorously researched with the cooperation of the whisky industry, this classification of single malt whiskies by flavor has been totally revised and updated to include all the newest single malts from the UK and Ireland. The author has identified 12 dimensions to the aroma and taste of a single malt whisky: body, sweetness, smoky, medicinal, tobacco, honey, spicy, winey, nutty, malty, fruity, and floral. For this edition, the author has also updated the taste profiles for each selected malt and reviewed previous entries to ensure that this book remains the definitive guide to tasting malt whisky. $24.95

Made at Home: Curing & Smoking by Dick & James Strawbridge.


With very little effort, you can create your own cures, hot and cold smoke with wood chippings and even smoke delicate meats and seafood on your stovetop with scented teas and rice. With a how-to guide on every technique featuring step-by-step, practical instruction, tips and advice, and dozens of delicious recipes to inspire you, you'll be making your own salt beef, dry-cured hams, salamis, smoked cheeses, gravadlax and smoked oysters in no time. $19.95

Recipes from Corsica by Rolli Lucarotti.


Corsican specialties range from many different types of charcuterie to a light curd cheese called Bruccio that is used in many dishes or eaten fresh. The islanders have all the resources of the sea, and of wild mountains and forest at their doorstep, so fish and game are widely available. Traditional recipes have been sought out and are given here in cookable detail. There is much about pigs and goats and lamb, some wonderful soups and imaginative use of vegetables. There are also many dishes based on chestnut flour and if you need to stuff a pig's stomach, here's the place to look it up. UK Import $34.99

The Art of the Confectioner: Sugarwork and Pastillage by Ewald Notter.


A showpiece created entirely from sugar is truly a work of art, and it takes an eye for design and strong pastry skills to work with this delicate medium. The Art of the Confectioner is the ultimate guide to working with sugar to create beautiful sugar and pastillage shapes, flowers, figurines, and breathtaking full-scale showpieces. Author and award-winning pastry chef Ewald Notter shares wisdom gained from more than 35 years in the pastry kitchen, and combines straightforward advice and step-by-step instructions with lessons on developing artistry and design skills. $65.

A Catalan Cookery Book by Irving Davis & Nicole Fenosa.


This book was privately published in 1969 after the author's death, and was edited and introduced by Patience Gray, author of Honey from a Weed. Echoes of Irving Davis, antiquarian bookseller, publisher and man of letters, abound in her own masterpiece. This book is a fragment - he was a man who sought perfection - and yet is complete enough for us to enjoy, and to cook from. UK Import $45

Under the Walnut Tree: Good Ideas from our Kitchen by Anna & Fanny Bergenstrom.


Under the Walnut Tree is an inspiring cookbook by mother and daughter team, Anna and Fanny Bergenstrom. Combining international and Scandinavian flavors, recipes are organized by ingredient, such as coconut, ginger, chillies, chocolate and vanilla. There are also menu suggestions covering everything from small, intimate dinners to large parties. Filled to the brim with 400 recipes and over 300 color photographs, this is a cookbook to be used and relished year after year. Anna and Fanny Bergenstrom have previously collaborated on a number of best-selling titles in their native Sweden. UK Import $50.

The Cookbook Library: Four Centuries of Cooks, Writers, and Recipes that Made the Modern Cookbook by Anne Willan.


This gorgeously illustrated volume began as notes on the collection of cookbooks and culinary images gathered by renowned cookbook author Anne Willan and her husband Mark Cherniavsky. From the spiced sauces of medieval times to the massive roasts and ragoûts of Louis XIV's court to elegant eighteenth-century chilled desserts, The Cookbook Library draws from renowned cookbook author Anne Willan's and her husband Mark Cherniavsky's antiquarian cookbook library to guide readers through four centuries of European and early American cuisine. $50.

Le Charcutier Anglais: Tales & Recipes of a Gamekeeper Turned Charcutier by Marc-Frederic Berry.


Marc-Frederic, Britain's only French registered "Boucher - Charcutier - Traiteur" shares his true-life stories along with recipes that he has acquired over the many years that he has lived and worked in both Germany and rural France. His talent in butchery and skill in charcuterie is extraordinary and it is no wonder he is constantly travelling the breadth of the UK and mainland Europe sharing his knowledge to those who wish to learn this disappearing skill. UK Import. $70.

Food of the Grand Trunk Road by Anirudh Arora & Hardeep Kohli.


The Grand Trunk Road is one of South Asia's oldest and longest roads. "The Food of the Grand Trunk Road" is a fascinating look at the food, culture and traditions that have sprung up along this route, promising recipes that reflect the eating traditions of the real India. The recipes are provided by Anirudh Arora, head chef at Moti Mahal in London, who has devoted his career to researching the long-forgotten recipes of rural India as found along the old Grand Trunk Road. Nostalgic favourites include 'bhalla papadi chaat', a dish discovered in the streets of North India featuring crisp-fried pastry and chickpeas with a tamarind and mint chutney. From the seductive barbecued flavours of the Punjab to the sublime dals and vegetarian food of Lucknow, this will be an eye-opening look at Indian food.UK Import. $50.


Malouf: New Middle Eastern Food by Greg & Lucy Malouf.


Following on from the success of their award-winning books, Saha, Turquoise and Saraban, Greg and Lucy Malouf now offer a must-have collection of their delicious recipes. Middle Eastern food is one of the oldest and most sophisticated cuisines in the world. It s a cuisine that is subtle, elegant and alluring, using exotic spices such as saffron and cardamom. The book is divided into chapters such as Soups, Dips, Small Plates, Large Plates, Bakery, Sweet and Larder, making it easy to find the recipe you re after. $49.95

Supper Club: Recipes and Notes from the Underground Restaurant by Kerstin Rodgers.


Supper Club is homage to the secret restaurant phenomenon. In this wildly creative and wonderfully eccentric cookbook by Kerstin Rodgers, owner of London’s famous Underground Restaurant, you’ll find Kerstin’s inventive and delicious recipes and themed menus, peppered with her helpful hints, tips and wild experiences. You’ll also be treated to Kerstin’s down-to-earth advice on how to run your own home restaurant, and a directory of other supper clubs of note around the world (just don’t tell anyone). In few other cookbooks will you find recipes such as elderflower fritters alongside home favourites such as Macaroni and cheese. UK Import. $50.

An Irresistible History of Southern Food: Four Centuries of Black-eyed Peas, Collard Greens, and Whole-Hog Barbecue by Rick McDaniel.


Rick McDaniel has been a working journalist for thirty years and a full-time food writer for more than a decade. McDaniel learned his love of Southern food from three generations of "small women who were giants in the kitchen." Coconut cakes, vegetables fresh from the garden and abundant Sunday dinners flavored his upbringing in a small North Carolina town in the 1960s. A member of the Southern Foodways Alliance, he is dedicated to preserving Southern culinary heritage by collecting and publishing historical recipes. The New York Times, MSNBC and newspapers and magazines throughout the South have interviewed McDaniel about Southern food history and traditional recipes. $24.99.

Make the Bread, Buy the Butter: What You Should and Shouldn't Cook from Scratch by Jennifer Reese.


When Jennifer Reese lost her job, she was overcome by an impulse common among the recently unemployed: to economize by doing for herself what she had previously paid for. With its fresh voice and delightful humor, Make the Bread, Buy the Butter gives 120 recipes with eminently practical yet deliciously fun “Make or buy” recommendations. Reese is relentlessly entertaining as she relates her food and animal husbandry adventures, which amuse and perplex as well as nourish and sustain her family. $24.

Oxford Companion to Beer by Garrett Oliver.


The first major reference work to investigate the history and vast scope of beer, The Oxford Companion to Beer features more than 1,100 A-Z entries written by 166 of the world's most prominent beer experts. Attractively illustrated with over 140 images, the book covers everything from the agricultural makeup of various beers to the technical elements of the brewing process, local effects of brewing on regions around the world, and the social and political implications of sharing a beer. $65.

The Inspired Vegan: Seasonal Ingredients, Creative Recipes, Mouthwatering Menus by Bryant Terry.


Marking his 10-year anniversary working to create a healthy, just, and sustainable food system, Bryant Terry offers more than just a collection of recipes. In the spirit of jazz jam sessions and hip hop ciphers, The Inspired Vegan presents a collage of food, storytelling, music, and art. Bryant shares his favorite preparation / cooking techniques and simple recipes—basics to help strengthen your foundation for home cooking and equip you with tools for culinary improvisation and kitchen creativity. $19.

On the Menu: Seasonal Recipes for a Culinary Life by James Mackenzie.


An ingenious debut cookbook from Michelin-starred chef James Mackenzie at The Pipe & Glass Inn - who has just taken Heston Blumenthal's crown by winning the Michelin Guide's coveted pub of the year award. This is a comprehensive reference guide and inspirational collection of 74 recipes with step-by-step instructions, showing you everything, from how to make the more challenging dishes, such as beer braised oxtails with deep fried oyster fritter, to how to make a simple but perfect chocolate brownie. Jason Lowe's exquisite photography effortlessly captures the remarkable food and this beautiful unspoilt part of the world. UK Import. $65

Nature: Simple, Healthy and Good • by Alain Ducasse & Paule Neyrat.

In Nature, Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse, in collaboration with nutritionist Paule Neyrat, rediscovers the pleasure of simple food, and presents delicious French cuisine without the fat or the fuss. With over 190 easy-to-make creations, Ducasse shows the subtle wonders of a wide range of delectable flavours, giving pride of place to fruit, vegetables and cereals, which are sure to leave you feeling great. Featuring delightful line drawings, mouthwatering food photography, and with Alain s useful snippets of advice peppered throughout the book, Nature is more than a recipe book: it shows another way to enjoy food that is more natural, healthy and delicious. $45.

Made in Sicily • by Giorgio Locatelli.

This follow-up book to Made in Italy explores the ingredients and history and introduces you to some of the cooks, fishermen and growers that make Sicily what it is, with regional recipes ranging from insalata di rinforzo, a famous island salad made with cauliflower, to four kinds of caponata, pasta with anchovies and breadcrumbs, Sicilian couscous, and the celebrated dessert, cassata. ‘When people talk about Sicilian cooking,’ says Giorgio, ‘they always speak about the influences from the Greeks, the Arabs, the Spanish… but I really believe the biggest influence is the land and the sea. They determine the produce, which has stayed the same, throughout all the cultural changes. What grows together, goes together, as my grandmother used to say, and it is the simple combinations of beautiful ingredients that makes Sicilian food special.’ $45.

Notes from a Swedish Kitchen • by Margareta Landgren

Here Margareta includes both traditional and modern recipes, from Gravalax with Herbs and Swedish Meatballs to St Lucia Buns and Elderflower Cordial. The mouth-watering recipes are interspersed with captivating narrative on Sweden's food traditions, the development of regional cuisine, the importance of seasonal eating and celebration foods. Margareta's text is illustrated beautifully with stunning recipe and location photography from Tine Guth Linse, as well as photographs from her own archive. UK Import $50.

Menu Design in America 1850-1985 • by John Mariani, Jim Heimann & Steven Heller

SUCH a gorgeous book! Menu Design is an omnibus showcasing the best examples of this graphic art. With nearly 800 examples, illustrated in vibrant color, this deluxe volume not only showcases this extraordinary collection of paper ephemera but serves as a history of restaurants and dining out in America. In addition to the menu covers, many menu interiors are featured providing a epicurean tour and insight to more than a hundred years of dining out. $59.99


A Cook's Year in a Welsh Farmhouse • by Elisabeth Luard.

In an old farmhouse on the slopes of a mountain lying between Tregaron and Aberystwyth, Elisabeth Luard brings the produce of the land into her kitchen and turns it into delicious food. This book is her response to the changes she sees in her garden and the surrounding countryside throughout the seasons, with distinctive recipes at the end of each month's chapter. It is the story of a year spent planting and picking in the garden, roaming the countryside with her grandchildren and introducing them to the pleasures of rural living. UK Import $49.95

Barrafina • by Sam & Eddie Hart

When Sam and Eddie Hart opened Barrafina, their no-reservations tapas bar and restaurant in London's Soho, they had no idea how successful it would be. Four years on and it is always packed, always stylish, always lively. And so is the food: together with their Basque-born head chef Nieves Barragan Mohacho, the Harts are cooking the best Spanish food in London today. In this cookbook they share their secrets and recipes: this is not difficult, fancy restaurant food, but gutsy, fresh, sometimes delicate, sometimes hearty food, that a home cook will be able to prepare easily. UK Import $50.

Bocca • by Jacob Kennedy

Like the menu at Bocca di Lupo, Jacob's award-winning London restaurant, this book is a thrilling, exotic journey through the true flavours of Italy: the hearty risotti of the north, the exquisite shellfish of the Veneto, the earthy sausages of Bologna, the fried street food of Rome, the baroque desserts of Naples and the Arab-influenced sweets of Sicily. The recipes in Bocca are a revelation, a portal to a side of Italy that is gritty, glamorous, seedy and mysterious. Be warned, this is a cookbook with teeth. $45.

Macarons • by Pierre Herme

Finally in English! While we still have to import this book from Europe, at least we can all read it - all the better for the macarons of America! Pierre Herme is universally acknowledged as the king of French pastry with shops in Tokyo, Paris and London. He is the best, and has even been described as a couturier of pastry. This is a man at the top of his art and there is no question his macarons are in a league of its own. UK Import $65.

Super Natural Every Day • By Heidi Swanson

“Heidi Swanson is one of the most original voices in cookery today. No other writer combines luscious, fresh, wholesome, and completely enticing food so well. Honeyed manouri, quinoa patties, membrillo cake—I want to cook everything!” - Yotam Ottolenghi, author of Plenty. Heidi Swanson loves to cook and it shows: her newest book, Super Natural Every Day: Well-loved Recipes from My Natural Foods Kitchen, is a delight. Beautiful photos and terrific descriptions of the recipes and how to prepare them (often with stories and helpful cooking tips) reading this book will inspire you to try many of the recipes. $23

The Fearless Baker • By Emily Luchetti

What could be more satisfying than presenting friends and family with a perfectly crafted homemade dessert, fresh out of the oven? Yet for many, the idea of baking is intimidating; rolling out pie dough or making a cake from scratch is akin to climbing Mount Everest. THE FEARLESS BAKER is a beginner's baking guide written to empower home cooks with spot-on advice and a cache of go-to recipes. Renowned pastry chef Emily Luchetti guides novice bakers through her amazing recipes to troubleshoot their most common pitfalls. Charming color illustrations and photographs of real-life beginning bakers in action complete the instruction, turning even the most tentative baker into a fearless one. $29.99

Tart and Sweet: 101 Canning and Pickling Recipes for the Modern Kitchen • By Kelly Geary & Jessie Knadler


The craft of canning has undergone a renaissance, attracting celebrity chefs, home cooks, and backyard gardeners alike. Canned and pickled foods have become a cornerstone of the artisanal food movement, providing an opportunity to savor seasonal foods long after harvest and to create bold new flavors. Tart and Sweet is the essential canning manual for the 21st century, providing a modern tutorial on small-batch canning accompanied by easy-to-follow photos and instructions as well as more than 101 sweet and savory recipes for preserved fruits and pickled vegetables, including jams, chutneys, marmalades, syrups, relishes, sauces, and salsas. $24.99

Whispers from a Lebanese Kitchen: A Family's Treasured Recipes • By Nouha Taouk


Nouha Taouk is a Lebanese-Australian woman from a vibrant family cooking tradition. She tells the stories of her grandmother, family matriarch Leila, through her own eyes and unveils the bond through cooking created between the women in her family. Peppered among authentic recipes for baba ganoush, spinach pie and baklava are the traditions and techniques passed down from generation to generation. This collection of family anecdotes and cooking secrets are accompanied by 100 authentic Lebanese recipes. Australian Import. $45.

Turkey: Recipes and Tales from the Road. By Leanne Kitchen.


Turkish food traverses the extremes of sophistication - from the refined cooking of the Ottoman court to the rustic simplicity of peasant food. Food and travel writer Leanne Kitchen has roamed the country armed with her camera, keen sense of observation and passion for all things culinary. From spicy red lentil kofte and slowroasted lamb with pomegranate juice to rose cream meringues and Turkish coffee custard, Leanne unveils not just the inspiration for her collection of authentic and contemporary recipes but the very essence of Turkish hospitality. $35

Good Fish: Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the Pacific Coast • By Becky Selengut


Wild salmon. Scallops. Black cod. Albacore tuna. These are some of the good fish. Yet making smart seafood choices has never been more confusing or more vitally important for our planet and our health. Chef and seafood advocate Becky Selengut "knows from good fish," and in a voice that's informed but also friendly and infused with her edgy wit, she untangles the morass of information around seafood, enabling the reader to make the best sustainable seafood choices. Find out how good fish are caught, what to avoid, what to look for when you buy seafood, how to store it at home, when it's in season, and questions you should ask your fishmonger before you pull out your wallet. The accompanying 75 recipes range from simple to more complex. Fifteen pacific coast "good fish" are featured in the book, including finfish, shellfish, and littlefish. $29.95.

Uchi: The Cookbook • By Tyson Cole & Jessica Dupuy


Cole delivers the perfect bite every day at Uchi, his Austin restaurant. Since 2003, Uchi has received national acclaim for stretching beyond the borders of traditional Japanese sushi. "Ingredients and flavors from all over the world are easily accessible now," Cole says. "The cuisine I create is playfully multicultural, mixing the Japanese tradition with tastes that inspire me." Uchi's prominence in the evolution of Japanese cuisine has garnered the restaurant four James Beard Award nominations, as well as a spot for Cole on Food and Wine magazine's list of "Best New Chefs." With their first cookbook, the team at Uchi invites sushi lovers and novices alike to explore their gastronomic boundaries with some of the restaurant's most celebrated recipes. $39.95.

The Art of the Choclatier: From Classic Confections to Sensational Showpieces • By Ewald Notter


Becoming a successful chocolatier requires artistry, talent, and a range of well-honed pastry and confectionery skills. This book, from renowned chocolatier and pastry chef Ewald Notter, teaches those skills in a stunningly illustrated full-color format and provides a complete education in chocolate work—from basic chocolate making to advanced showpiece construction. Notter begins with an in-depth overview of chocolate, including all of the skills required for producing truffles, slabbed pralines, and other simple candies. He then presents the essential concepts and vital techniques for creating gorgeous large-scale chocolate showpieces that engage the imagination and delight the senses. $65.

River Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook • By Nikki Duffy

It demands time and energy to cook individual meals for every member of the family, so Nikki Duffy offers the easy alternative of making tasty food that will appeal to young and old alike. Start the day with breakfasts like blueberry pancakes, apple muesli or eggy bread, followed by simple and delicious meals like fishcakes, meatballs, shepherd's pie, home-made pizza, falafel, mackerel pate, pea risotto or roasted fish with tomato sauce. Nice little puddings include baby baked apples with chocolate, rhubarb crumble and a classic rice pudding. With an introduction by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, The Baby and Toddler Cookbook brings the River Cottage ethos to child rearing. If you're looking for a tried and tested approach to feeding young children that won't break the bank and will appeal to everybody, then this is the book to reach for. UK Import. $35

Alice's Cook Book — New Voices in Food • By Alice Hart.

Alice Hart is an exciting, authoritative new young voice on food who loves to share her culinary knowledge with friends. For her, food is about fun. In this, her first book, she aims to encourage her generation of 20- and 30-somethings to cook the original, modern food they enjoy to fit the lifestyles they lead. With chapters based around occasions - breakfast and brunches, suppers and shared lunches, laid-back parties, outdoor camping and picnic food - Alice is acutely aware of seasonal cooking, dividing the recipes into Frost and Fireside or Sunshine and Strawberries. Whenever you dip into the book - whether it be in January to find a New Year brunch, during August for a faded summer kitchen supper for friends, or in winter for ideas for a chic drinks party - you will find a selection of inspiring and memorable menus. $19.95

Peyton and Byrne: British Baking • By Oliver Peyton

If this isn't a great recommendation, I don't know what is: "This beautiful book should be in everyone's kitchen." --Heston Blumenthal. Every page of this book makes my mouth water - traditional puddings, cakes, and creamy delights abound. Waiter, bring me my tea! UK Import $45

Saraban: A Chef's Journey Through Persia

Following on from the success of their award-winning books, Saha and Turquoise, Greg and Lucy Malouf now explore one of the world's earliest and greatest empires: Saraban is an unforgettable journey through the culinary landscapes of ancient Persia and modern-day Iran. UK Import. $60

D.I.Y. Delicious by Vanessa Barrington


This book offers a wide variety of recipes and blueprints for artisanal food projects. Forty projects with accompanying recipes appeal to a range of skill levels and palates. D.I.Y. Delicious goes beyond pickling and preserving into fermenting, culturing cheese, and brewing sodas and tonics. A total of 75 recipes and more than 50 step-by-step, color photographs lead the way to outfitting a scratch pantry that uses fewer ingredients to make delicious staples at a much lower cost. $24.95.

Okashi Treats by Keiko Ishida

Okashi Treats is collection of cakes, cookies and pastries that represent the intricacy of French-style baking, and the delicate simplicity of Japanese flavours. The featured recipes have been refined and given a new edge through the delicate fusion of French-style baking and Japanese flavours and techniques. Replete with a fully illustrated section on essential baking equipment, with step-by-step pictures, concise information on baking techniques and useful tips and headnotes for each recipe, experienced bakers and beginners in baking will be in no lack of inspiration.UK Import. $24.95

Ideas in Food: Great Recipes and Why They Work by Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot

The husband-and-wife culinary team of H. Alexander Talbot and Aki Kamozawa use chemistry, biology, and a host of creative cooking techniques to produce the uniquely delicious recipes found in Ideas in Food: Great Recipes and Why They Work. Building their book around the science of food preparation, Kamozawa and Talbot cleverly explain why quickly freezing fruits and vegetables best preserves their texture, which woods produce the most flavorful smoke, and why folding dough, rather than kneading it, is the key to making easy artisan bread. The recipes encompass the traditional and the exotic — from Roast Chicken and Macaroni and Cheese, to Grilled Potato Ice Cream and Red Cabbage Kimchi Cracklings. $25

Ice Creams, Sorbets and Gelati by Caroline Weir & Robin Weir

Covers ice creams, gelato, graniti, bombes, parfaits, and instructions on making wafers, bisquits, punches, even ice creams for diabetics and vegans. This book presents the history of ice cream as well as the origin of the ice cream cone, plus dozens of pictures and illustrations from the authors collection. $49.95

Jellies and their Moulds by Peter Brears

Peter Brears has a long acquaintance with jellies in every guise. He was fed them in childhood, he turned to curating their moulds and associated artefacts while director of York and Leeds museums, he has made them for innumerable historical food shows and events. The book sketches in the history of jellies, particularly in England, and discusses their place within a meal; gives several recipes based on the various setting agents (carrageen, gelatine, isinglass) and also for cereal moulds (flummery, tapioca, semolina, rice, cornflour, etc.); describes how jellies may be assembled by layering, embedding, lining and inclusion of fruit, nuts, gold, etc.; and gives an excellent illustrated account of the various forms of jelly moulds. UK Import $22

Movida Rustica: Spanish Traditions and Recipes by Frank Camorra & Richard Cornish

Following the multi-award winning title MoVida, Australian chef and restaurateur Frank Camorra returns to his native Spain in this companion book. In it Frank delivers many traditional as well as innovative recipes that are inspired by his travels but perfected for the home cook. Their origins lie in the authentic cuisine of the Spanish cities, towns and countryside. Australian Import $50

The Whole Hog by Christopher Trotter

This book is much more than a cookbook; it is a gourmet celebration of the pig and all its parts - a unique blend of historical, geographical and culinary interest, together with clear explanations of how to cook the different cuts of pork and over 100 delicious recipes from chef Christopher Trotter. $34.95

The Art of Charcuterie by the Culinary Institute of America

The art of charcuterie has been practiced since the fifteenth century, but in recent years interest has escalated in this artisanal specialty. Pâtés, cured meats, terrines, and gourmet sausages are staples at upscale restaurants as well as cocktail and dinner parties. Modern charcutiers have introduced new and exciting techniques and flavors for delicious (and even healthy) charcuterie. Written by John Kowalski and the experts at the CIA, The Art of Charcuterie covers every aspect of this rediscovered culinary art: curing and brining, smoking, terrines, pâtés, sausages, herbs and seasonings, sauces and relishes, and kitchen sanitation. $70

Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine by Rene Redzepi.

Rene Redzepi has been widely credited with re-inventing Nordic cuisine. His Copenhagen restaurant, Noma, was recognized as the #1 best in the world by the San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurant awards in April 2010 after receiving the 'Chef's Choice' award in 2009. Redzepi operates at the cutting edge of gourmet cuisine, combining an unrelenting creativity and a remarkable level of craftsmanship with an inimitable and innate knowledge of the produce of his Nordic terroir. $50.

Cured: Slow Techniques for Flavouring Meat, Fish and Vegetables by Lindy Wildsmith.

Seven sections - each dedicated to a different method of curing - demystify this ancient technique and show how every cook can create delicious cured cuisine in their own kitchen. A truly global compendium of deliciously preserved dishes, recipes range from New York Deli pastrami and Native American venison jerky to the Japanese pickled and marinated fish. From Europe come smoked salmon and salt beef, German Liverwurst Sausage, salt cod dishes of both the Mediterranean and Scandinavia, and Italian classic antipasti in the form of Venetian Carpaccio. $30.

An Irish Butcher Shop by Pat Whelan.

Pat Whelan has a passion for everything about good meat (one of life's sublime pleasures) so it's no surprise Rick Stein lists him as a Food Hero. From the quickest pan-fried steak to a slow-cooked dish, Pat understands how to get the best taste experience from cooking. Captures the quality of the produce of James Whelan Butchers. UK Import $50.

Tender Vol. II: A Cook's Guide to the Fruit Garden by Niger Slater.

Why explain Slater when I can quote him? "When I dug up my lawn to grow my own vegetables and herbs I planted fruit too. A handful of small trees - plum, apple and pear - some raspberry, blackberry and currant bushes and even strawberries in pots suddenly joined my patch of potatoes, beans and peas. These fruits became the backbone of my home baking, the stars in my cakes and pastries and even inspired the odd pot of jam. More than this, I started to use them in new ways too, from a weekday supper of pork chops with cider and apples to a Chinese Sunday roast with spiced plum sauce. The hot family puddings and fruit ices we had always loved so much suddenly took on a delicious new significance." UK Import $60.

Food from Many Greek Kitchens by Tessa Kiros.

No one captures the spirit and soul of a place quite like Tessa Kiros. Her bestselling cookbooks Twelve, Piri Piri Starfish and Venezia took her global audience of readers, keen cooks and armchair travellers on magical journeys through Tuscany, Portugal and Venice respectively. So who better than Greek-Cypriot Tessa to take you on a colourful journey into the Greek kitchens of her friends and family, cataloguing the traditional foods for fasting, festivals and feast days in her own enchanting way. $35.

Oaxaca al Gusto: An Infinite Gastronomy by Diana Kennedy.

Acclaimed as the Julia Child of Mexican cooking, Kennedy has been an intrepid, indefatigable student of Mexican foodways for more than fifty years. In Oaxaca al Gusto, Kennedy takes us on an amazing journey into one of the most outstanding and colorful cuisines in the world. Who else would kick off their cookbook with a recipe for iguana? SIGNED copies available! $50.

At Home with Madhur Jaffrey: Simple, Delectable Dishes from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka by Madhur Jaffrey.

For all who love the magical flavors of good Indian cooking and want to reproduce effortlessly some of the delectable dishes from that part of the world, here is a groundbreaking book from the incomparable Madhur Jaffrey that makes it possible. By deconstructing age-old techniques and reducing the number of steps in a recipe, as well as helping us to understand the nature of each spice and seasoning, she enables us to make seemingly exotic Indian dishes part of our everyday cooking. SIGNED copies available! $35.

At Elizabeth David's Table: Her Very Best Everyday Recipes.

Legendary cook Elizabeth David is the woman who changed the face of British cooking. She introduced a dreary post-war Britain to the sun-drenched culinary delights of the Mediterranean; to foods like olive oil and pasta, artichokes and fresh herbs - foods that have become the staples of our diets today. Her recipes brought colour and life into kitchens everywhere, yet her books never contained any photographs. $37.50.

Quay: Food Inspired by Nature by Peter Gilmore.

From the culinary genius Peter Gilmore, one of the top 50 chefs in the world, comes this much anticipated book. Quay's stunning design and photography perfectly echoes Peter's nature-based philosophy and the organic presentation that is synonymous with the fine dining experience at Quay. Peter's recipes, including the irresistible eight-textured chocolate cake and his signature iridescent sea pearls, will take you on an inspirational adventure, exploring flavour, texture and technique. $85.

Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies by Alice Medrich.

Cookies are easy, enticing, and fun. Yet as the award-winning baker Alice Medrich notes, too often, home cooks cling to the recipe on the bag of chocolate chips, when so much more is possible. “What if cookies reflected our modern culinary sensibility—our spirit of adventure and passion for flavors and even our dietary concerns?” Medrich writes in her introduction to this landmark cookie cookbook, organized by texture, from crunchy to airy to chunky. $25.95.

Jellymongers with Bompas & Parr.

Jelly is wobbling back into fashion and Bompas & Parr are at the forefront of the revolution. Here they present the definitive book on the history and making of jelly - a fun, informative, visually stunning and entertaining package. The book begins with an overview of the incredible history of jelly, from Henry VIII's 'jelly hippocras' to the fantastic forms dreamed up by the Victorians. It then delves into the science of creating the perfect jelly, using the very best ingredients and unmoulding techniques. $19.95.

Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson - photos by Eric Wolfinger.

For the home or professional bread-maker, this is the book of the season. It comes from a man many consider to be the best bread baker in the United States: Chad Robertson, co-owner of Tartine Bakery in San Francisco. $40.

Canning for a New Generation: Bold, Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry by Liana Krissoff

This hip, modern handbook is filled with fresh and new ways to preserve nature’s bounty throughout the year. Organized by season and illustrated with beautiful photographs, it offers detailed instructions and recipes for making more than 150 canned, pickled, dried, and frozen foods, as well as 50 inventive recipes for dishes using these foods. Basic information on canning techniques and lively sidebars round out this refreshing take on a classic cooking tradition. $24.95.

River Cottage Handbooks No. 7: Hedgerow by John Wright • Edited by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Hedgerows, moors, meadows and woods - these hold a veritable feast for the forager. This book reveals how to spot the free and delicious ingredients to be found in the countryside, and then how to prepare and cook them. It includes over 40 species such as: bilberries, blackberries, cloudberries, common mallow, dandelions, and hedge garlic. UK Import $32.95.

Jamie Does by Jamie Oliver

"Jamie Does" Jamie's personal celebration of amazing food from six very different countries. Each chapter focuses on a different city or region — Marrakesh, Athens, Venice, Andalucia, Stockholm and the Midi Pyrenees region of France. Classic recipes sit alongside new dishes that Jamie learns along the way. Alongside each recipe there is a beautiful photograph of the finished dish, as well as incredible reportage shots of Jamie's experiences in each country. UK Import $60.

Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food by Paul Greenberg

In this unusually entertaining and nuanced investigation into global fisheries, New York Times seafood writer Greenberg examines our historical relationship with wild fish. In the early 2000s, Greenberg, reviving his childhood fishing habit, discovered that four fish--salmon, tuna, bass, and cod — "dominate the modern seafood market "and that "each is an archive of a particular, epochal shift": e.g., cod, fished farther offshore, "herald the era of industrial fishing"; and tuna, "the stateless fish, difficult to regulate and subject to the last great gold rush of wild food... challeng us to reevaluate whether fish are at their root expendable seafood or wildlife desperately in need of our compassion."  $16.

97 Orchard: An Edible History of Five Immigrant Fmilies Living in One New York Tenement by Jane Ziegelman.

Ziegelman puts a historical spin to the notion that you are what you eat by looking at five immigrant families from what she calls the "elemental perspective of the foods they ate." They are German, Italian, Irish, and Jewish (both Orthodox and Reform) from Russia and Germany--they are new Americans, and each family, sometime between 1863 and 1935, lived on Manhattan™s Lower East Side. Each represents the predicaments faced in adapting the food traditions it knew to the country it adopted. $25.99.

Teaching Dad to Cook Flapjack by Miranda Gardiner.

I love this book, and so does Heidi Swanson! See her wonderful review on 101 Cookbooks - it's better than I could ever write it! UK Import. $40.

Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi

Yotam Ottolenghi's path to the world of cooking and baking has been anything but straightforward. Having completed a Masters degree in philosophy and literature whilst working on the news desk of an Israeli daily, he made a radical shift on coming to London in 1997. He started as an assistant pastry chef at the Capital and then worked at Kensington Place and Launceston Place, where he ran the pastry section. Yotam subsequently worked for Maison Blanc and then Baker and Spice, before starting his own eponymous group of restaurants/food shops. This collection of vegetarian recipes is drawn from his column 'The New Vegetarian' for the Guardian's Weekend magazine, and features both brand-new recipes and dishes first devised for that column. Yotam's food inspiration comes from his strong Mediterranean background and his unapologetic love of ingredients. $35.


Lola's Ice Creams and Sundaes by Morfudd Richards

Unusual in its heavy emphasis on savory ice creams! Richards shares over 100 sumptuous recipes for ice creams, sorbets, granitas and sundaes - for use with an ice-cream maker or by hand. This book reveals why beetroot is the perfect partner for blackcurrant in a sorbet; and how to make the creamiest vanilla ice cream. It also teaches you how to marry flavors to create irresistible sundaes. $34.95

Tender: v.1: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch by Nigel Slater

I would like to think I know more now than I did before I picked up my trowel and dug that first furrow of red and white radishes. How to get the best out of a vegetable yes, but also what are the different ways to treat it in the kitchen, which seasonings will make it sing, what other ingredients is it most comfortable or most exciting with. What are the classic recipes not to be missed by a newcomer and what new ways are there which might be of interest to an old hand.' With over 400 recipe ideas and many wonderful stories from the cook's garden, Tender: Volume I - A cook and his vegetable patch, is the definitive guide to cooking with vegetables from Britain's finest food writer. $40.

Bourke Street Bakery by Paul Allam & David McGuiness

Situated in the hip foodie enclave of Sydney's Surry Hills is the original Bourke Street Bakery - a cozy, rustic nook selling artisanal baked goods of the highest order. The bakery's long queue of customers waiting for their daily fix is testament to the popularity of their utterly delicious wares - from rustic breads such as their famous spelt sourdough to the flaky pork and fennel sausage rolls and the most addictive sweet pastries such as the ginger brulee and pistachio tart. Bourke Street Bakery is the ultimate baking companion with clear and concise instructions aimed at the novice home baker while remaining an inspirational and technical reference for professionals of the crust and crumb world. This book's beautiful and inviting photography captures the mouthwatering detail of the buttery, crumbly fare as well as the infectious vibe of the bakery itself. Australian Import. $60


Dulce: Desserts in the Latin American Tradition by Joseluis Flores & Laura Zimmerman Maye

While savory Latin-American cuisine is well known, the sweeter side of this vibrant culinary culture has been overlooked. The countries of Central and South America combined Spanish techniques with native ingredients into an entirely distinct dessert tradition. This will be the first cookbook devoted to Latin-American sweets, uncovering a whole new world of exotic flavors. The desserts presented range from baked cakes to ice cream to chocolate, with step-by-step recipes for both traditional favorites, such as flans, churros with chocolate, and tres leches cake, as well as original creations from Chef Joseluis Flores’s restaurants. $29.95

The Book of Tapas by Simone & Ines Ortega

With a career in food writing spanning 50 years, Simone Ortega was the foremost authority on traditional Spanish cooking, and contributed articles and recipes to countless newspapers and magazines. 1080 Recipes, written with her daughter Ines Ortega, was her most famous and bestselling cookbook. "The Book of Tapas" presents a complete guide to this convivial way of eating with over 250 easy-to-follow recipes that can be served with drinks in typical Spanish style, or combined to create a feast to share with friends. The recipes are fully updated and easy to follow. $39.95

Forgotten Skills of Cooking by Darina Allen

Allen, the director of Ireland's Ballymaloe Cooking School, reconnects you with the cooking skills that missed a generation or two. The book is divided into chapters such as "Dairy," "Poultry and Eggs," "Bread," and "Preserving," and forgotten processes such as smoking mackerel, curing bacon, and making yogurt and butter are explained in the simplest terms. The delicious recipes show you how to use your homemade bounty to its best, and include ideas for using forgotten cuts of meat, baking bread and cakes, and even eating food from the wild. The "Vegetables and Herbs" chapter is stuffed with growing tips to satisfy even those with the smallest garden plot or window box. You'll even discover how to keep a few chickens in your backyard. With over 700 recipes. $40.


The Fifth Quarter: An Offal Cookbook by Anissa Helou

"The Fifth Quarter" is the only book dedicated exclusively to the subject of offal in all its many and surprising forms. From foie gras and cod's roe to sheep's head and testicles, this book draws on recipes and traditions from all over the world. $45.

Essential Cuisine by Michael Bras

Michel Bras is a Three Star Michelin Chef, the owner of an extraordinary inn located in one of the most beautiful spots in France, but Fie is much more than that. He is the author of a cuisine filled with fresh emotions. Each of his dishes is a discovery and simplicity itself. It is a happy and inventive cuisine. It is a cuisine that owes more to love than to science, a universe filled with wonder. Local products garnish the tables, as do the silverware and the famous knifes of Laguiole. Aubrac inspires not only Michel Bras' best recipes but also some of his best photographs. More than a simple portrait, essential cuisine, Michel Bras is the work of a great chef in his maturity and an invitation to share his universe. French import $150.

Leon: Ingredients And Recipes For The Good Life by Allegra McEvedy

Leon's, the award-winning, healthy, restaurant chain, which currently has eight London restaurants developed this innovative cookbook of two halves. "The Ingredients Book" arms you with everything you need to know about the basic building blocks of any recipe. The second half is "The Recipe Book" - this is where you can put your newly found knowledge of ingredients to great use. With over 140 recipes taken from Leon's menus such as the Original Superfood Salad, Moroccan Meatballs or Magic Mackerel Couscous and, for those Leon Lovers everywhere, at last a recipe for the coveted Leon Better Brownie. Leon's food message is a simple and honest one - cook and eat with the best ingredients available...and don't forget the naughty bits that are so necessary for a fully-rounded life. UK import. $49.95.


Asian Dumplings: Mastering Gyoza, Spring Rolls, Samosas, and More by Nguyen, Andrea

Is there anything more satisfying than a well-made Asian dumpling? Plump pot stickers, spicy samosas, and tender bāo (stuffed buns) are enjoyed by the million every day in dim sum restaurants, streetside stands, and private homes worldwide. Wrapped, rolled, or filled; steamed, fried, or baked–Asian dumplings are also surprisingly easy to prepare, as Andrea Nguyen demonstrates in Asian Dumplings. Ten Speed Press. $30


River Cottage Fish by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

The definitive guide to fish, fishing and fish cooking from the River Cottage team. This beautifully produced book is divided into 3 parts: the first offers a comprehensive overview of British fish, their habitats and the issues of fish farming and sustainability; the second covers all the many and varied ways of preparing, preserving and cooking fish with lots of classic recipes and the final section covers the best fish by species, with notes on seasonality and ecology, and alternative choices for the recipes. (2007 Bloomsbury Publishing) $40

River Cottage Mushroom Handbook by John De Wright

In the first of this great series, mycologist John Wright uncovers the secret habits and habitats of Britain's thriving mushrooms - and the team at River Cottage explain how to cook them to perfection. (2007 Bloomsbury Publishing) $29.95

Marco Pierre White's Great British Feast

This book was published to tie in with White's tv series, which was just canceled after 3 episodes. Therefore the book, a great look at hunting and cooking, is sure to become a rarity quickly. $55

Moro East by Sam & Sam Clark

Sam & Sam Clark have a passion for the food of Spain and the Muslim Mediterranean, however in this book, their inspiration is found in an unlikely place: an East End allotment. }Moro East{ captures their endeavours to combine their zeal for Eastern flavours and their resourcefulness in keeping an allotment, in a book packed with 150 exotic seasonal recipes. Their audacious use of bold, simple flavours has made them and their restaurant, Moro, favourites with many chefs including Nigella Lawson and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and won them many awards. $39.95.


Frank Stitt's Bottega Favorita : A Southern Chef's Love Affair with Italian Food

Frank Stitt's Bottega restaurant and café in Birmingham, Alabama, "combines Southern cooking ideology and Italian tradition to craft a new style of eating," says Mario Batali, which is why "I think it is one of the best Italian restaurants outside of Italy." The dishes are "never precious, always inventive" (The New York Times): a lima bean and orzo soup with escarole, a pork scaloppini with greens and polenta, a capellini gratin. This deliciously appealing new cookbook—with more than 200 recipes—includes the best of the Southern-influenced Italian dishes Stitt has served at Bottega for the last two decades. (December 2008, Artisan) $32

Dakshin: Vegetarian Cuisine from South India by Chandra Padmanabhan

"Dakshin" is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning "south." It symbolizes what this cookbook is all about - the best and most delicious of South Indian vegetarian cuisine. Filled with tempting recipes and evocative photographs, Dakshin Vegetarian Cuisine from South India presents the finest cooking from this region. (September 1999, Periplus Editions (HK), Limited) $21.95

A16: Food + Wine by Nate Appleman, Shelley Lindgren and Kate Leahy

A cookbook and wine guide celebrating the traditions of southern Italy, from the country's top southern Italian restaurant, in San Francisco. In A16: FOOD + WINE, Appleman and Lindgren share the source of their inspiration--the bold flavors of Campania. The recipes are beguilingly rustic and approachable. Stunning photography captures the wood-fired ambiance of the restaurant and the Campania countryside it celebrates. (September 2008, Ten Speed Press). $35

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